Advancing equity in smart cities.

I work at the intersection of digital media, urban planning and open data to build inclusive futures for smart cities. On this site you'll find a suite of personal projects I've undertaken to explore this theme in my roles as data professional, artist/curator, and city planner.

I am currently Smart City Coordinator at the City of San Antonio. My job is to coordinate projects that use technology to deliver public services while keeping an eye on transparency, security, equity and accessibility for everyone. Previously, I was Data Director for the digitally native, non-profit newsroom, the Rivard Report. In my role I experiment with new ways to use data to tell stories and connect our community. You can find a public repository of some of my data visualization projects the Rivard Report here and here.

I serve on the Steering Committee of San Antonio's Digital Inclusion Alliance (DIASA). DIASA strives to bring digital equity and affordable internet access to all citizens of our community.

As CEO of my arts studio Ouvert, I host workshops, create participatory art experiences, and collaborate with creative partners to re-imagine, perform, play and co-create an equitable digital future.

I received a B.S. Neuroscience and B.A. Plan II Arts at the University of Texas at Austin,and a Masters in City Design & Development from MIT DUSP.

I'm always open to new ideas and people! Please get in touch with me.

Find me in the usual places:
LinkedIn | @emily_royall